Spring Cleaning: Things You Might Be Forgetting While Getting House Cleaning Services

Most of us follow the same cleaning schedule, starting with dishes, surface wiping, and furniture dusting. Surprisingly, we forget a lot, and don’t worry; it is not your fault. We overlook certain items because they are not part of our routine cycle. However, according to house cleaning services, these things are crucial to be cleaned, as we use them commonly in our daily lives. Take a look at 7 things that you probably are forgetting to clean:

7 Aspects to Look at for Achieving Outstanding House Cleaning Service Experience

1-    Toothbrush stands and holder

Have you ever noticed how dirty the toothbrush cup holder gets? Over time, even wall-hanged toothbrush holders get faded and smelly because these holders are often left uncleaned and retain water or moisture. This dampness welcomes the production of bacteria. It goes without saying that unless your toothbrush is regularly cleaned, this is not a hygienic location to keep it.

House cleaning services recommend cleaning the toothbrush holder by rinsing it with water to remove any dirt. Use mouthwash to saturate a sponge completely, then use the sponge to clean and sanitize the toothbrush holder. Finally, rinse it out and use a fresh towel to wipe it dry.

2-    Light Holders and Fans

Over time, ceiling fans and light fixtures can get unattractive. Airborne dust particles land on your light holders and fans. Moreover, light fixtures also become a good hiding place for bugs and insects.

Use a step ladder to clean these items; if possible, have someone else help you remove the fixtures. Be sure to wipe them down with a moist towel while they are still attached to the roof to get rid of the sticky dust.

3-    Showerhead

Multiple research studies have shown that a wide number of Mycobacteria are present in your showerheads. This means every time you turn your shower on, it sprays bacteria at you, which can cause respiratory problems and infections. This is something you wouldn’t want to happen when you are trying to clean yourself. Therefore, cleaning and disinfecting your showerhead is crucial to mitigate being a victim of such harsh health problems.

Professional house cleaning services involve using a scrubber and disinfectant to clean the showerhead. Soaking the showerhead in vinegar helps eliminate bacteria. Make sure to allow the shower to run for a few seconds before using it to rinse off the cleaner.

4-    Refrigerator

Refrigerators and freezers are some of the most common yet important appliances we use in our daily lives. Many times, we tend to overlook it; however, we do not realize that we store and preserve our food in that magical cold box.

Refrigerators have a high chance of becoming a bacteria colony because of their dampness and the existence of food in them. It is important to clean your fridge to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria around your home.

5-    Trash bins and Garbage Cans

We use trash cans without giving the dirt that collects on them any thought. They handle dirty objects and become home to many bacteria, mold, dirt, and other microorganisms.

To stop illnesses from spreading and avoid unpleasant odors in the house, trash cans should be cleaned daily. Clean the home’s garbage cans outside. Scrub the entire trash can with a brush and a solution of dish soap and vinegar or disinfecting soap. After giving them a good rinse, let them air dry, ideally in the sun.

6-    Game Controllers and TV Remote

TV remotes and game controllers are the items that are mostly touched in a household. Your friends, relatives, or strangers can use these. It doesn’t seem like it, but they have a larger number of germs than you can imagine.

Expert house cleaning services term the cleaning of TV remotes and game controllers as very important. Make use of a disinfecting wipe to scrub these items. Remember to remove the batteries before cleaning them.

7-    Doorknobs And Light Switches

Every visitor to your home touches them at least a few times, including your family or your roommates. However, the majority of individuals do not sanitize light switches and doorknobs during spring cleanings.

Wipe the doorknobs and light switches to prevent the spread of bacteria. Scrub them with a mixture of vinegar and water or any other disinfecting solution using a soft cloth.


These are some of the common things people mostly forget while cleaning their house. Make sure to involve these things in your cleaning checklist so you don’t miss them. Gradually, they will become a part of your routine cleaning schedule.

If you don’t enjoy cleaning or want someone to assist you with your house cleaning process, reach out to SNF Cleaning Services. We are the pioneers of house cleaning services and provide professional cleaning services for house owners and businesses. Get your quote today!

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